Sullivan Montessori School is a not-for-profit organization. We provide caring, safe, child-centered environments, challenging and developmentally appropriate programs, and a supportive school community for children from ages 6 weeks to 6 years old. We offer a variety of full and part time programs.

Sullivan Montessori School offers carefully planned, stimulating environments for learning. The curriculum covers a broad range of topics, including social skills, language, math and the arts. We use Montessori Materials that are designed to provide specific learning experiences, and that meet the unique needs of children at each stage of their development.

Here’s What You’ll Find In A Montessori School

In a Montessori class, children engage in interactive learning in an environment carefully prepared by an educator trained to work with children of specific age groups.

In classes of mixed ages, children are given lessons by the teacher. They are them able to make discoveries about lan-guage, mathematics, geography, geometry, art and music.

The highly social atmosphere of this environment stems from a unique combination of freedom and structure founded on respect. A Montessori education fosters the fullest development of a child’s potential and provides a foundation for a life of joyful and successful learning.

Why Many Parents Choose The Sullivan Montessori Schools

Child Centered Learning: Our programs focus on the children, not the teacher. Our classrooms are carefully prepared to encourage each child to actively participate in his/her learning experience.

Highly Qualified Staff: Our teachers complete an extensive training program in order to be able to meet the individual needs of each child.

Secure Learning Environment: Our primary consideration is your child’s safety. Your child will feel safe and comfortable in his/her class.

Family Flexibility: Sullivan Montessori Schools offer a variety of part time and full time programs. We also have before and after care as well as summer programs.