About The Sullivan Montessori Schools

Sullivan Montessori Has Served The Sullivan Community For Over 30 Years

Our school was started by a group of parents who were searching for an educational program that would meet their goals of child-centered teaching and learning. High academic standards were a top priority. Over the years we have grown from the first small Primary class (3-6 year olds) and now our school has a Toddler Program (12 months to 3 Years), as well as an Infant Program that begins at 6 weeks of age.

The Sullivan Montessori Schools are recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as an independent 501 c(3) not-for profit organization. As an independent school, we create our own programs and operate without the financial support of state or federal funds. We are also not subsidized by any religious organizations. SMS is run by a Board of Directors and is independent from any local school boards. We rely on financial support from tuition income and fundraising.