Director/Preschool Teacher: Brittany Schatz
Mrs. Schatz has been an employee of Sullivan Montessori for 4 years. She has an Associate’s and a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education, a Master’s in Education with an emphasis on Educational Technology. She is also NAMC certified in Montessori Early Childhood Education.

Preschool Teacher: Deana Sims
Mrs. Sims has returned to Sullivan Montessori after working with the school in the 90s. She has spent many years working in the Montessori and Early Childhood field of education. She is excited to be back with us and share her knowledge of Montessori.

Toddler 2 Teacher: Gail Hardecke
Mrs. Hardecke has been with Sullivan Montessori for nearly 20 years. She has attended many Montessori trainings and provides her class with the joy and guidance that is a staple of a Montessori classroom.

Toddler 1 Teacher: Corey Thomeczek
Mrs. Thomeczek is an experienced Montessori teacher who enjoys working in her Toddler 1 classroom. Her positive energy and great communication skills add to her well thought out Toddler Community.

Toddler 1 Teacher: Candice Posey
Mrs. Posey is a great addition to the Sullivan Montessori staff. Her talent for singing and music is often on display and can often be found playing and laughing with those in her class.

Infant Teacher/Preschool Teacher: Gretchen Piofcyk
Mrs. Piofcyk has taken care of our youngest children for many years and is currently transitioning into the Preschool Community in Mrs. Sims’ classroom. She has a wonderful rapport with all students and loves to sit and listen to the many stories and facts that they have to share.