School Programs

At each level the curriculum is carefully designed to meet the social, academic, and developmental needs of the children we serve. Teachers encourage children to think and reflect, as well as to experiment and explore fundamental concepts through their interactions with the Montessori materials.

Because we place children in multi-aged classrooms, the teacher has the opportunity to know and work with your children for several years. Mixed-age groups create a social setting similar to an extended family. Children benefit academically and socially from this experience. Moreover, they develop problem-solving and cooperative work skills.

This family style grouping also allows the children to develop deep relationships with their teachers and their peers. They have the advantage of learning from older students as well as developing real leadership skills when they are the older children in the class. The multi-aged grouping also allows great flexibility as children follow their own internal develop-mental time tables and explore areas of the classroom according to their own individual interests and abilities.